What is VOTEism

The Political Opinion Poll App.

VOTEism is an anonymous and encrypted political opinion polling app. VOTEism's apps are available at the below links.

Why VOTEism ?

The right of every citizen to participate in government through free and fair elections is well settled under international human rights law, as is the right to freedom of expression and to hold opinions without interference. This is where VOTEism comes in.

Current political opinion polls and psephology methods are riddled with low sample sizes, interviewer biases, push poll tactics, sock-puppetry, and worst of all, the lack of security and privacy. VOTEism fixes these issues once and for all. Your vote is anonymous and encrypted. The results are published on VOTEism's mobile apps in near real-time.

Here are some things you MUST know about VOTEism

  • VOTEism is secure and private.

  • VOTEism codebase is open-source.

  • VOTEism is voluntary and free to use.

  • You can change your vote any time. Only your latest vote will be counted.

  • Your votes are encrypted/decrypted using public key cryptography.

  • VOTEism does not serve ads.

  • VOTEism does not sell your private information.

  • VOTEism is transparent.

  • The results of VOTEism's opinion polls are free to use by anyone.

  • VOTEism is built, published and funded by VOTEism INC., based in the United States. We have no political, governmental, corporate, or media affiliation.

NOTE: VOTEism is currently available only in India and USA.

Let us know if you want VOTEism in your country (voteism[at]protonmail.com).

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