1. Opinion Poll Methodology

  • VOTEism is an opinion poll app. You need to enable location on your mobile to vote. (In the earlier version of VOTEism, we required you to verify your mobile number to vote. We have now removed this for enhanced voter privacy. Instead we use a combination of hardware signals and other heuristics to uniquely fingerprint a device).

  • You can change your vote anytime. Only your latest vote will be counted.

  • Votes are encrypted/decrypted using public key cryptography.

  • Votes are encrypted and signed locally on your mobile device and securely transferred to "n" databases. This way we'll have a quorum and also know if any set of cloud data is compromised.

  • Encrypted votes are downloaded to a separate non-cloud system where they are decrypted with the private key.

  • An 'anonymised-unencrypted' vote is stored per user for providing near real-time statistics. The tally of the 'anonymised-unencrypted' votes is matched to the tally of the 'encrypted-decrypted' votes. This acts as an additional checksum.

  • Anonymized and aggregated results are published on the VOTEism mobile apps.

2. Auditing and Public Disclosure

  • VOTEism codebase is open-source.

  • Opinion poll results are viewable in VOTEism's mobile apps.

  • VOTEism is built, published and funded by VOTEism INC., based in the United States. We have no political, governmental, corporate, or media affiliation.

  • We welcome questions from media in good standing.

3. Funding VOTEism.

  • VOTEism is funded by VOTEism INC. We do not accept any outside funding in exchange for equity.

  • Our main costs are server bills and the cost of the team involved in building and managing VOTEism's mobile and web apps.

  • In the event we are unable to meet our costs, we may seek financial support by launching a public donations page.

  • Know more at the Funding VOTEism page.

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