Promoting VOTEism

Retweet/Share VOTEism - Twitter/Instagram - 8 Jan 2024 to 10 Feb 2024
  • A retweet/share campaign that awards INR 1,000 Amazon Pay gift card to FIVE winners every week. (i.e. Five 1,000 rupee gift cards to Five individuals every week).

  • Winners announced every Sunday at 11:30 AM (IST).

  • A minimum of 25 new retweets/shares are required every week for winners to be announced.

  • Eligible only for Indian citizens.

  • A winner is not eligible to win a second time.

  • Campaign may be extended at Voteism INC's discretion.

  • Retweeting Twitter accounts must be at least 30 days old. This is to discourage users from creating new accounts just for the purpose of retweeting.

  • Subject to Instagram and X (Twitter) rules:

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